Frequently Asked Questions

Louisville Mobile Vet Frequent QuestionsWhy use a mobile veterinarian?

There are many benefits to housecall practice. In your home, your pet can be evaluated in their natural environment. There is no stress and excitement of a hospital visit. Dr Rubsch focuses on only you and your pet for the entire visit, giving a thorough exam that is at your pet’s pace. There are no interruptions. This contributes to a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call or text directly to 502-552-0897. Please leave a detailed message including the medical need and your location. The calls are monitored Monday through Friday and are returnedas soon as possible. You can also email us at with your specific questions or appointment request. You can have other vet records faxed to us at 502-416-0775.

What should I expect for an appointment?

We arrive with a large medical rolling bag that holds most of our housecall equipment, a computer/printer and a weigh scale. We do everything in the home where the pet is the most comfortable. For cats and small dogs, we examine them on a blanket on a table, or couch. For larger dogs we look at them on their level to reduce any stress of lifting. Cats need to be confined to a place they cannot hide under any furniture or behind things. Usually this is a bathroom, closet or minimum furniture room.

How much is a housecall?

See our link to all housecall fees. Please call for specific charges for your area and medical need. Our prices are similar to traditional veterinary clinics. However, we charge a travel fee for each visit, which varies to your location in greater Louisville. The range is $60-80, and is only charged once per visit, regardless of how many pets we see. We can split travel charges for multiple neighbors that schedule together or multiple families that are seen at one home location.

Where do you practice?

We have a service location radius that includes areas in Metro Louisville east of I-65 off of I-264, and east of Smyrna Rd exit off I-265. We serve Old Louisville downtown. We parts of Oldham County and surrounding counties. Please call with your specific location. Practice is limited to Kentucky. We do not practice in Indiana.

What services are available in the home?

We are able to provide most outpatient general practice services in the home. This includes complete examination, medication, minor wound care and anal glands/toe nail trims. Bloodwork, intestinal parasite exams and urinalysis are taken in the home and sent to a laboratory for results. We can use an ultrasound to get urine if necessary. We have many other services.

Are there services NOT available in the home?

We are not able to provide urgent emergency care that requires IV’s or hospitalization. We refer to the local emergency clinics or help you choose an appropriate location for inpatient/hospitalization needs. We do not perform imaging in the home (including x-rays , or endoscopy), nor do we perform surgeries that require any anesthesia (including dentals, tumor removals, spay/neuter, or declaw). However, Mobile Veterinary Practice does perform outpatient surgery and imaging services on a regular basis at a local clinic – All Pets Veterinary Center at 1219 Dorsey Lane Louisville, KY 40223. All services are scheduled through Mobile Veterinary Practice 502-552-0897, and are performed at this excellent medical facility by the Mobile Veterinary Practice team.

What do I expect from an at home euthanasia appointment?

We understand how painful the decision is for euthanasia and want make it as comfortable as possible in the comfort and privacy of your home.

When we arrive, we have a small medical bag and a blanket if needed. We greet your pet with love and treats too. We want you to pick a place that is most comfortable for you and your pet. It can be anywhere in the home or even outside if that is their favorite place. Dr. Rubsch will give a sedative injection first. This allows your pet to be very comfortable, calm and in a deep sleep. This can take 5-10 minutes. Dr. Rubsch will then explain the final step of saying goodbye that is a painless injection through a catheter. Our goal is to have a peaceful and respectful experience for you and your beloved pet.

Dr. Rubsch will also discuss whether you want cremation services or have your own plans. We will transport for you at your request. We use Borden’s Pet Crematory for our cremations. Estimates are available for these services when you call.