Mobile Veterinary Practice Housecall Fees


The house call fee ranges from $60-80. The fee is based on distanced traveled within the service area. Please see map on website to be sure you are within our radius. You will be charged this fee in addition to the services performed the day of your visit. This fee is charged once per visit regardless of the number of animals examined.


The examination fee per patient is $43-46. This is a complete nose to tail examination performed by Dr. Rubsch. Most visits require an exam to determine health, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Federal law prohibits prescribing medications without a valid client-patient-doctor Relationship, including a physical exam. If a physical exam is not necessary, this fee can be waived by Dr. Rubsch.

Canine Wellness Services

Canine Wellness exams include a nose to tail exam, weight,  heartworm and intestinal parasite tests, 3 year rabies vaccine, 3 year distemper-parvo-hepatitis combo, influenza, and bordetella/parainfluenza/Adenovirus2 intranasal vaccine. Vaccine recommendations are dependent on patient environment, age, risk and long term diseases. Rabies is required by law. We can provide estimates when we know what vaccines are due at

time of scheduling your appointment.

Feline wellness services

Feline Wellness exams include a nose to tail exam, weight, 3 year rabies vaccine, 3 year feline upper respiratory vaccine (FVRCP), feline leukemia, intestinal parasite exam and topical dewormer (outdoor cats). Again, leukemia vaccine is only given in high risk environments and dependent on your cat’s needs. Rabies is required by law. Estimate can be provided when we know what vaccines are needed.

Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness exams are based on above protocols. We highly recommend yearly bloodwork and urinalysis after 7-9 years of age dependent on breed and size. This provides a baseline of normal organ function and can detect early internal problems before your pet becomes ill. A basic 8 Chemistry and CBC can be done for as low as $85 with other testing as listed above. In much older patients we perform more comprehensive panels including thyroid function, urinalysis, etc. This can range from $165-240 depending on which panel is indicated.

Our goal at Mobile Veterinary Practice is to maintain wellness on your pet so we can be prepared when problems arise in the future. Prevention is the key to keeping animals healthy. Our goal is to educate our clients on the importance of regular veterinary exams, especially in senior pets.