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Mobile Veterinary Practice is excited to provide their online store for our client’s needs. It will provide medications, supplements, prescription diets, and compounded medication all delivered to your door with free shipping. It will be one place for all your pet family needs.

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When it comes to your pet’s health, MVP wants to make your pet’s healthcare personalized and comfortable in your home. To do this, Dr. Rubsch will examine your pet(s) from nose to tail.

Dr. Rubsch provides general wellness care, client education, nutrition counseling, and treatment for long term medical conditions. Our services that we provide in the home include vaccinations, puppy and kitten care, bloodwork/urinalysis for sick or senior patients, heartworm and intestinal parasite testing, and other basic needs.

We do treat minor medical problems. These may include, vomiting, diarrhea, urinary problems, litter box issues, ear issues, eye problems, lethargy, or any other condition that may cause worry.

We do not have onsite radiology or surgery. MVP does have a hospital that we utilize for outpatient surgeries, teeth cleanings, radiology, and any other outpatient procedure where we may need additional support. Please please go to our FAQ page for more specific questions or call Dr Rubsch at 502-552-0897.

MVP believes in using both conventional and holistic treatments for your pet’s care. Dr Rubsch uses whole food supplements from Standard Process and Chinese herbal medicine when indicated.

Unexpected events will happen and on occasion, your appointment may be delayed or postponed. If that should happen, we will call/text you in advance to either reschedule or come at a later time.

This can happen if your cat is not confined before our arrival.

If Dr. Rubsch is coming to your house to examine your cat or cats, we ask that you confine your cat(s) to a bathroom 15-20 minutes prior to the appointment.  Cats have a way of disappearing when someone arrives to your house so we ask for the safety of your cat, please confine in a small room. The bathroom generally works well. The house call fee will be charged upon arrival even if the cat cannot be found.

End of Life Care

Mobile Veterinary Practice does provide hospice care for you pet. We also provide in home euthanasia. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult decision for anyone. All pet parents should have the option to euthanize their pet in a comfortable, safe environment. Your home is a familiar and peaceful place for your pet companion and Dr. Rubsch wants to make your pet’s euthanasia dignified for everyone involved.

Please take a moment to fill our New Patient Form and Health History Form for each pet. Please have these forms completely filled out prior to your appointment. You can email to mvpvet@gmail.com, fax to 502-416-0775 or give them to Dr. Rubsch when she arrives to your appointment.

Contact Mobile Veterinary Practice today at 502-552-0897, or browse the website for more information about us or resources.